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March TAC 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Emily as Suiseiseki

Source: Rozen Maiden

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Along with the D. Gray-Man cosplayers, we had a lone Suiseiseki wandering along with us out in the cold. Seeing as the first chunk of photos were all concrete-centric, once we moved nearer to some plant life we split off for a quick side shoot in the one place nearby with anything resembling vegetation. We had pretty limited vantage points for this, and by the end it was "okay, screw the fact you can see modern buildings, it happens", and overall we got a nice portrait set. Thanks to Emily for sticking through with the photo quest until the end, and enjoy the pics.


Most of this was shot with long lenses to cut out background. Gilly was armed with the gold reflector to shed a little extra light on things.












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