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Youmacon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Eureka Seven photoshoot

Source: Eureka Seven

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I'd run into CharcoalEyes and Renton back at Anime Central - I'd done a drive-by set of photos there, so we had a bit more time and space to get some shots in. They were joined by XxkalexX and Ashli-chan who were more than game to work for some shots of their costumes as well.

Overall, this was a great working shoot - this bunch had a clear idea of what sort of shots they wanted of their characters, and it made it easy on my part to help realize them on camera, so yeah, it worked out great, especially for the action group shot, which was all XxkalexX directing traffic.

Thanks again everyone for making this such a smooth shoot to work with, we'll catch you all for longer shoots another time, and enjoy the photos.

Oh, some of these shots may contain spoilers. If so, my bad... I've never seen the show, so I'm clueless there.


Clockwise from the KO'd one:

Renton as... well, Renton

XxkalexX as Holland

CharcoalEyes as Eureka

Ashli-chan as Talho Yuki

I'm not really good at group shots, but again, this was a great example of a group having a definitive plan for the shot and getting a great shot out of it.


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