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Ragnarok Online cosplay photoshoot, Webster's Falls, Hamilton, Toronto

Chibik3ro as Sniper

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One of my favourite shot sets I've done outdoors, this shoot boils down to location - namely, situating the shoot right in front of a waterfall. Our positions were limited - chibik3ro was balanced on a small ledge, and I was balanced on the edge of a wet rock trying to not fall while holding thousands of dollars in camera gear and trying to hold the camera steady at the edge of camera shake. Oh, and also trying to keep the mist off the lens every time the wind shifted towards me. But, it was all worth it when I snagged the waterfall shots, along with some other shots later on. My only regret was not getting more people next to the falls, but I'd pressed my luck far enough by the time this shoot was over.

Many thanks to chibik3ro for freezing his butt off in front of a waterfall, not to mention risking falling off a small cliff, and enjoy the pics.



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