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Youmacon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Infini as KOS-MOS

Source: Xenosaga Episode I

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Okay, so this one is the mega-gallery, mainly because I knew this is one of those costumes where you have a limited window to get shots, so I took a bunch. Though I've known Infini for a while, she was one of those people on the list of "for some reason we'd never done a proper shoot", and I wanted to fix that [grin]. Add to the awesomeness is Inifini being a trooper, willing to travel all around the hotel in insane heels and crazy accessories for the shot.

Shoot-wise, we started outside, got some fill-lit shots in the sun using the building as a backdrop, then moved our way indoors for some shots on the unused upper floors and a closed cafe for an open area for more indoors shots. The indoors ones weren't 100 ideal, but we got some nice photos from it I think. After we finished outside with a few more simpler-lit photos; basically, the photos below are in order by time.

Thanks to Infini for being awesome with wandering around for photos, and enjoy the set.
































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